Surrey Heath Borough Council

Liberal Democrats take control by winning 24 out of 35 seats

For the first time in the 49 year history of Surrey Heath Borough Council Michael Gove's Conservatives are no longer in control.

Surrey Heath Residents voted in large numbers in May to support the Liberal Democrats Team and Our Vision for Surrey Heath.

Newly elected Council Leader Shaun Macdonald commented:

"The residents of Surrey Heath have given us a clear mandate to change the council to get it fit and ready for the years ahead. The Lib Dem councillor team is working hard with council officers to understand the scale and extent of issues to be addressed".

We will be publishing updates here as the team makes progress in delivery of that vision.

Clicking on the link to the Our Vision For Surrey Heath document will take you to it and includes introductions to the newly elected Lib Dem councillor team. You can contact any of the councillors directly via one of these channels: